Jogi Prasad Pakki

I fight aginest to my failures until they feel uninterested on me.

When I am in childhood, i don't know middle class students don't think about higher life goals. People's adviced to me i need to be belonged to a rich family to acehive my goals. But they don't know every billionaire sorry every trillionaire started his career from $0 with bunch of failures.

My role models
Thomas alva edison

He is my first inspirational person. when i am in sevent grade i know him from discovery monthly magzine. he attracted me by how he put us on light from 1000 failures.

Elon musk

Before i knowing Elon musk, i thought is i'm daydreamer. But he motivated me, to achieve my goals i don't need to born on rich family.

Jogi Prasad Pakki

This is my persional website for me and my projects.

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